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  1. #1 We Hear Almost Nothing About the Coup D'Etat that is Under Way in The White House. 
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    Because the mainstream press refuses to see anything wrong in the Obama administration, even the most outrageous actions are given astonishingly gentle treatment – if they get any treatment at all.So of course we hear almost nothing about the coup d'etat that is under way in the White House.

    People have been talking about a "historic realignment," but of course that is nonsense. Most Americans report mostly conservative viewpoints on most issues. That hasn't changed.What will change, apparently, is how many voters the Obama administration can produce out of thin air to swing the next election. And as many elections as possible after that.How is Obama going to accomplish this? He has just moved the constitutionally-required census from the Commerce Department to the White House – specifically putting it under the thumb of his political strategist, Rahm Emanuel.

    Here's why it matters:

    1. When the census takes place in 2010, the results will be used to determine which states lose seats in the House of Representatives, and which gain. This also determines which states lose electoral votes, and which gain.

    2. For many decades population has been shifting from the big northeastern states to the Sun Belt. There is no reason to suppose that the trend is changing, except that California may join the ranks of states losing population this time around.

    3. The states losing seats and electoral votes have been mostly states that Democrats count on to deliver big chunks of their vote. The states that gain have been, as often as not, those that deliver their votes to the Republicans.

    Of course, as liberals move from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt, they bring their voting habits with them, and some states that used to be solidly Republican are now swing states. But this is not enough for the Democrats.

    Remember, the Democratic Party is the one that tried to steal the 2000 presidential election by a highly selective recount in Florida; and when that didn't work, the solidly liberal Florida Supreme Court selectively nullified any election law that might prevent the theft of the election. Only the US Supreme Court put a stop to this openly partisan attempt at election theft.

    Well, they're at it again. In a nation that is almost evenly divided between left and right – with a slight lean, most of the time, toward the right – Obama and Emanuel already have the tools that will allow them to do to the country as a whole what was attempted in Florida.

    This will be done by the use of statistical manipulation based on highly doubtful premises.

    We have been hearing for years about how the homeless, the poor and illegal immigrants have all been "undercounted" in the census. Either they can't be found – or they hide from census officials.

    Since these groups tend to vote for the Democratic Party, naturally Democrats have been very concerned to make sure these people are counted in the census.How many of them are there?Millions, say some.We have no idea, say the honest.snip
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    I've been watching a lot of news at work lately, since it's about all I can see. They've been interviewing Census folks, and apparently the word is that it doesn't matter what Obama tries to stick his nose into, it's to late to change how things are going to be done with the Census.

    The system is so clogged up with beuracracy, their just isn't enough time to get his fingers into it to wiggle things to their favor.
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