By J.D. Longstreet

I am hearing more and more folks speak of the Two Americas these days than ever before. But these people, unlike some of our former democratic candidates for President, no longer believe the two Americas can continue in their unhappy marriage. We have mentioned in our scribbling, a number of times, how America has grown into two absolutely distinct countries cohabitating within the same borders. We have also pointed out that, at some point, these two countries are going to want to be separate from each other. The patience of one or the other will run out and rumblings about separating the two countries, geographically, will begin.
It already has.
Those on my side of this issue want our republic back. We want the original constitution of the United States back. We yearn to live free (again) as our forefathers did, only a few short decades ago. In other words we want our freedom and the protections from government granted us by the original US Constitution restored.

I don’t recognize this place called “America” today. There is only a vague resemblance to the real America. Half of the population are freedom loving people, while the other half have become socialist slaves. As of this writing, the socialist are in control of our government, which is on the verge of being considered a rogue government. (To at least to half the country) The last two elections have completed the “balkanization” of the country formerly known as America. The split is deep and wide.

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