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a solution out of this mess
Advertisements [?]1. nationalize the banks. allow private finance with no public insurance. Let federal banks manage the banking needs of citizens.
2. set a 100% increase in energy efficiency for all government buildings. tear down and rebuild those that cannot meet the standards with the exception of historical places.
3. nationalize all non renewable energy. Set fuel prices to encourage conservation. Use profits to fund health care.
4. start building national transportation system around rail. Use interstate highway system RoW.
5. tax incentives for renewable energy
6. new deal v.2.0 the right to life is the right to health. The right of education is the right to a degree or advanced certification. the right to the pursuit of happiness is the right to marry whom you choose.
7. re negotiate every mortgage fairly.
8. make labor a part of government again. Make the dept of labor more authoritative and responsive.
9. Re formulate how corporations and markets work. No more corporate personages, no more opaque accounting.
10. expand public housing with high efficiency earth contact passive solar designs.
When all is said and done with this list, number 10 will be where we all live.