Two things.

The DUmp not happy with Obama's pick.....who would have thought.

And calling him not the smartest, but the least corrupt? God help this country!

TheCoxwain (1000+ posts) Mon Feb-23-09 10:52 AM
Original message
I am getting a little concerned with the Giethner
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I have been for Obama all the way thus far - but am having a creeping suspicion about how business is being conducted in the Obama administration ...

I expect Obama to be' hands-on on all important matters - not because I think he is an expert on policy matters - but I do expect him to be an expert on the process.

I expect Obama to solicit opinion that is as diverse as it is deep in its content backed by reasoned arguments and not by ideology alone. The hope is the best idea will bubble up to front based on its merit rather than being helped along by the force of authority. That is the kind of change I was hoping to see.

I somehow feel that this is not how things are being done vis-a-vis the stimulus and Tarp policy bills. I believe Giethner is getting too much of a free hand and I am not liking what I see ..

what do you all think?

ananda (1000+ posts) Mon Feb-23-09 10:54 AM
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1. Geithner was a HUGE mistake.
I was against that appointment from the beginning.

I don't like Rahm Emanuel either, particularly
the shunning of Howard Dean and other right and
high minded liberals.

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glowing (1000+ posts) Mon Feb-23-09 11:01 AM
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2. Geitner is understands what they did to make the mess.. I don't think he
is able to think outside the box. I think we need people who can.

Hutzpa (1000+ posts) Mon Feb-23-09 11:02 AM
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3. You mind stating facts instead of speculation
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and hypothesis or ideology.

This is the republican talking point, Giethner is not
doing enough or he is not man enough for the job, yeah!
just because he knows where all the bodies are buried
the republicans see him as a target.

Would you allow him to at least to fail before joining the
republicans noise machine...dang!
uponit7771 (1000+ posts) Mon Feb-23-09 11:11 AM
Response to Reply #4
7. Giethner was choosen cause he's less crooked than the rest of em

uponit7771 (1000+ posts) Mon Feb-23-09 11:10 AM
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6. I don't think Giethner was chosen cause he was the smartest in the room, just less crooked than all
...the other.

Remember, Lehman Brothers was Paulsons former companies largest competition...Goldman Sacs is OK but letting Lehman fail was the match that lit the whole fire.

We could've fixed the problem by tearing down the house of cards slowly vs burning the whole thing to the ground.