Drunken sailors left out of rhyme
What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor?


"Drunken sailors" have been removed from the lyrics of a nursery rhyme in a government-funded books project.

But the Bookstart charity says the re-writing of What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor? has "absolutely nothing to do with political correctness".
DPS approves South High move to drop "racist" logo

A controversial Denver high school insignia that looks like a Confederate soldier will be replaced by a mythological beast after a student presentation to the school board Thursday.

Students and the principal from Denver's South High School came to the board's Thursday meeting to ask them to drop the "Johnny Rebel" logo that has represented the school for decades.
Oscar Nominations Celebrate Near 'Perfect Storm' Of Politically Correct Themes
Hollywood , in convergence with the ascension of Barack Obama, has essentially reached liberal nirvana with it's nominees for Best Picture and other Academy Awards.

Let's look at the five nominees for Best Picture-

MILK - homage to gay icon and SanFrancisco plitician Harvey Milk, this is the likely surprise winner if Slumdog Millionaire falters. The Hollywood left is beside themselves with joy that they finally have a gay themed film to award the top prizes.

FROST/NIXON - film depicts the humiliation of Richard Nixon, always one of the left's favorite whipping boys, in a nationally televised series of interviews with David Frost. (Has there ever been a Hollywood movie that showed Nixon in ANY sort of a favorable light? I can't recall one.)

THE READER - Holocaust movies, especially ones where ordinary Germans are forced to confront their inherently evil natures , are perenially Academy favorites.

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE - Brave third world orphans battle to escape the deprived and depraved environment that is the legacy of western colonialism. Can be tangentially linked to the American occupation of Iraq by the truly imaginative Hollywood leftists.

BENJAMIN BUTTON - the weak link in this pc theme, although one can easily argue that Benjamin Button is 'differently abled' ,as they say, and thus uniquely qualified to opine on the state of America and the world.

A more apt pc choice for the fifth Best Picture slot would have been DOUBT, which concerns one of Hollywoods most treasured themes, fear and loathing, and possibly perversion and yes, of course, racism, in the Catholic Church.

DOUBT did receive numerous nominations in other categories.

What about the non-pc possibilities that were snubbed? Two come to mind - THE DARK KNIGHT, the second most financially successful film of all time, was snubbed in all the major categories. Virtually every conversation in this movie has to do with imposing 'law and order' on the anarchy that is Gotham City. Apparently strict law and order is not a viable attraction to Academy voters.