Pot, Kettle, I now pronounce you man and wife!

The honeymoon will be in DUmbf**kistan.

It must not be reading what it is typing otherwise it would not have typed this in this way.

wndycty (1000+ posts) Tue Feb-24-09 08:17 AM
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This is birth certificate BS has led at least one soldier to insubordination, its getting DANGEROUS
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I am so sick of this shit. Could you imagine what would have happened had folks on the left pulled this shit under GW? We would have been labeled anti-American and feared for our lives. But for some reason these dumb fucks are not facing any serious blow back for how much they are attempting to undermine the President of the United States. When you have active duty soldiers questioning the eligibility of the president that lays the ground for potential moody.

I know its World Net Daily, however what they are reporting is a grave action. It is one thing to be a conscientious objector its an ABSOLUTE different thing to question the fitness of the POTUS.

Soldier doubts eligibility, defies president's orders
'As an officer, my sworn oath to support and defend our Constitution requires this'
Posted: February 23, 2009
9:35 pm Eastern
By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

A U.S. soldier on active duty in Iraq has called President Obama an "impostor" in a statement in which he affirmed plans to join as plaintiff in a challenge to Obama's eligibility to be commander in chief.

The statement was publicized by California attorney Orly Taitz who, along with her Defend Our Freedom Foundation, is working on a series of legal cases seeking to uncover Obama's birth records and other documents
that would reveal whether he meets the requirements of the U.S. Constitution.

"As an active-duty officer in the United States Army, I have grave concerns about the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of president of the United States," wrote Scott Easterling in a "to-whom-it-may-concern" letter.

Obama "has absolutely refused to provide to the American public his original birth certificate, as well as other documents which may prove or disprove his eligibility," Easterling wrote. "In fact, he has fought every attempt made by concerned citizens in their effort to force him to do so."