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Need update on the kittens. Were they still at the office? Did you decide to keep them for a while?

Let me warn you----5 cats is not a good thing. We stayed at a home in Florida with 5 cats, all in the master bedroom. (Beware of free lodging with relatives and the offer of the master bedroom---that was where the cats lived). I discovered that I must be allergic to cats. The Florida trip, at least the first 3 days, was miserable.

Remember all the scooping of litter. Find a good no-kill shelter. You'll be greytful for this advice. :D
Cats are still here. Momma cat drinks the creamer...baby cats drank some as well. I haven't been able to catch one yet (okay...I haven't tried that hard, because once I do it's my responsibility). My friend reminded me how allergic I am, so I won't be taking any home with me (they are soooo cute though!). My partner has begged me not to tell his wife about them, as she already feeds about 20 feral cats at their house, plus they have 3 that were rescued by either her or their daughter.

There's still a split in the building as to who says leave them alone and who says take them to a no kill shelter. Honestly, if I take them to a shelter it will be no kill. I'm not a huge animal person, but I really couldn't give them to a shelter knowing they'd be killed.