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    good gawd. now it's patriotic to butt into peoples conversations, hold up customers in line at stores to spout off some Dnc talking points lies..

    DUdummy fer sure.
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    "precious Fox" is kicking CNN's and PMSNBC's numbers combined now !

    I wonder if the bouncy understands what that means? :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cseeman View Post
    I agree i am just waiting for some idiot to tell me how great obama is and it never happens,,, I would not be rude like BSR but they would definitely feel stupid after i got finished with them...

    Please if any of you DU assholes live in NC and want to try this crap.. please try it... i live in Raleigh
    You might think I'm rude. I think it's rude to jump into my conversation to try and "school" me in a political debate I never agreed to.

    to each their own..
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