MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell Denies Anti-Palin
Media Bias
During the Monday 12PM EST hour on MSNBC, anchor Norah O'Donnell interviewed conservative film maker John Ziegler, creator of Media Malpractice, a documentary on media bias against Sarah Palin, and denied any such bias: "Well, let me ask you, you called the treatment of Sarah Palin and her family a, quote, 'media assassination, one of the greatest public injustices of our time.' Is that a little strong? Are you and her a little thin-skinned?" Ziegler responded by pointing out O'Donnell's own anti-Palin bias: "The evidence is overwhelming. It's continuing today. I mean, just a few weeks ago, Norah, you incorrectly stated on the air Sarah Palin called Barack Obama a terrorist during the campaign."
Defensive Matt Lauer Forced to Admit
Sarah Palin Not an Idiot
JOHN ZIEGLER: Oh wait a minute I, I urged people and I urge you Matt because you've been up to Wasilla. You, you know Sarah Palin. You know that this is a lie that she's some sort of an idiot or a moron.
MATT LAUER: No, no, no. Okay but that's, but that's an extreme state-
ZIEGLER: You know it! Tell, tell America right now what you know.
LAUER: That's an extreme, that's an extreme statement. I'm just asking you-
LAUER: -when she-
ZIEGLER: Is it not a lie that she's an idiot? You know it Matt.
LAUER: Of course it's a lie. Nobody, it's-, yeah.
ZIEGLER: It's a lie? So you're acknowledging that the media perception of her is a lie?
LAUER: No wait a second. I don't think, I don't think that everybody in the media ran out saying, "Sarah Palin is an idiot."
ZIEGLER: Really?
LAUER: Well I'm just saying did you think any of the questions were unfair? Or were, are they questions that would fall in line with what you would want someone seeking the second highest elected office in the land to answer?
ZIEGLER: I am all for rigorous questioning, however it should be the same for Barack Obama as it is for Sarah Palin. And what happened with Sarah Palin was the answers that she gave were treated in a completely different fashion than similar bad answers given by Joe Biden or by Barack Obama.
LAUER: But Joe Biden has been lampooned by, by members of the media-
LAUER: -and comedy shows-
ZIEGLER: Not even close-
LAUER: -and-
ZIEGLER: Not even close to what happened to Sarah Palin.
LAUER: There's a lot, a lot of sketch comedy has been done on him putting his foot in his mouth, a lot.
ZIEGLER: It's all in, in, it's all about a joke. "Isn't he funny? There's nothing, it's all harmless." The reality is everything about Sarah Palin-, we did a poll, which you can see at, scientific poll proving that voters knew all the bad information about Sarah Palin because people like you repeated it constantly, over and over, even though you know, since you've been to her home that it's a lie that she's some sort of a moron. You know it. Come clean. Be the A-Rod of the media!
LAUER: I, I, I, I think, I think, I think your-
ZIEGLER: Come clean Matt! You can do this, right now, in front of America.
LAUER: I think, well, let me, if I were the A-Rod of the media I'd give you half the truth. But I think, I, I think that, I think that your making it personal with me is not gonna work in this particular situation. But let me ask you this question. In, in what we see in this documentary, if she decides to continue in national politics is, is her stance gonna help or hurt her?