I'm at work right now. This guy walks in who is running for City Council. His name is Henry Rushin and he just happens to be black. I don't know anything about his politics since I don't live in Ashburn (where I work). I livein Sycamore (our city limits touch). i grew up in Ashburn, and basically both are the same town, since Ashburn has the only grocery store and all the banks. Basically, Sycamore has a feed store and a couple gas stations.

Anyway, Rushin walks in and is taking donantions "for the children". Our recreation dept ballfields used to be in the high crime part of town until the late nineties. The county built a new complex out of town. Well, according to Rushin, the Mayor has decided to open back up the old park too. The ballfields were still there, they just needed mowing and a little fix up work. The reason for this, according to Rushin, is because some of the kids in that part of town couldn't get to the new park and therefore couldn't play little league. He is taking donations for uniforms and equipment. That's fine, good for him.

In the next frickin breathe, he says it don't make sense for the Mayor to open back the park on MLK. That sounds racial to him. My co worker asked him didn't he say they couldn't get to the new park? He says yeah, but something something something. That's what I heard, anyway, because I felt the anger in my chest. I shouldn't let it get to me that bad, but Ashburn's City Council 4-1 black and they still hollering racial something at every meeting. This jackass is running for City Council, and is hollering racism before even getting elected. I just walked out back to smoke a cigarette. I knew if I stayed in the office, my brain would override the filter to my mouth.

THEY were the ones complaining that they couldn't get to the new park. THEY were the ones that wanted the old one re opened. Now THEY are the ones saying the Mayor has reopened it to keep them from going to the "white park". I remember when they built the new park, the blacks were saying they put it there to keep them out, and with the old one closed they would have no where for their kids to play ball. The reason the old one was closed down was because of the endless repairs due to vandalism, not to mention all the fights at the ballgames and the drug dealings. Now there is shootings at the closed down park (the basketball court is still used and a hangout for the local gangbangers). When there is no white people signing there kids up to play there, we'll hear about how all the white people are racist for not taking their kids to play ball in gangland.

Thanks, just had to get it off my chest.