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  1. #1 A DUer admits that not all Repubs are racist, and gets skewered

    This is the shit that used to chap my ass when I was a Duer. One person says something that goes against the common opinion and gets lambasted for it. Especially when it comes to race... so many upper middle class white DUers suddenly become experts on black people even though they never would live in a black 'hood (I do) or work in a black 'hood (I do).

    Donald Ian Rankin (1000+ posts) Wed Feb-25-09 06:04 PM
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    Don't confuse "racist" and "right wing".

    There have been two recent big arguments on DU: one about whether or not the cartoon suggesting that the stimulus bill had been written by a berserk chimpanzee was racist, and the other about whether drawing attention to the fact that Bobby Jindal was born "Piyush" was racist.

    I think that the former fairly clearly isn't racist, while the latter fairly clearly is.

    The test I apply in both cases is "would this happen if all the participants were the same race", and I think it very likely indeed that Republican columnists would have used a berserk chimpanzee being shot as an opportunity to criticise Democratic policies if the president were a white Democrat (after all, they use everything else that way...), while I'm quite sure that far fewer DUers would give a damn about what Jindal's given name was if it weren't for the racial angle.

    All of which makes me suspect that a lot of opposition to racist is based more on factionalism than on actual principle - when something rightwing can be labelled racist, that's a good way to attack it, but it probably doesn't go deeper than that.

    here it comes...

    TWiley (1000+ posts) Wed Feb-25-09 06:11 PM
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    6. Another Republican Troll no doubt.
    You can kiss my ass dude
    Aw shit, here comes bornaginhooligan, rich white racism expert, to respond with links to other threads where the OP said "black" once and is therefore racist:

    HiFructosePronSyrup (1000+ posts) Wed Feb-25-09 06:53 PM
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    28. You have such interesting theories about race and racism.

    ismnotwasm (1000+ posts) Wed Feb-25-09 07:03 PM
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    30. Now that *is* interesting.
    In that compeltely debunked "Bell Curve" and only racist assholes still believe it" kind of way.

    The Bell Curve has NEVER been debunked. DUers believe every last "study" about High Fructose Corn Syrup and smoking but not a 10 year study by actual scientists.

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    On a completely unrelated note, if your avatar is based on the YTMND meme...awesome.
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