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Republicons used a brown-skinned redneck with unusual names to Rebut and put off the Democrats

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Republicons used a brown-skinned redneck with unusual names to Rebut and piyush off the Democrats.

And it worked. Ever since the speech, a majority of us are concerned about our own response
-- not to the speech or the President's performance -- but about the response to the clueless clown the Repukes sent out to -
-- once again -- obfuscate the issues.

That's what these guys do. That's all they got. Obfuscation, distraction, obstruction.

That's why Rush Slimeball is so vicious, why the FReepers froth at the mouth, why Congress R'cons are hunkering down,
listening to Obama with arms folded like petulant 3 year olds. They got nothing!

They have to be right because they're always right because they're The Right, dammit, with a long tradition of always being right!
If they considered for just a moment that ANY piece of their homicidal puzzle is out of place, the whole house of cards of their
ideology/identity would crumble like the economic system after 30 years of their policies.

That's why the Repukes in the California Legislature held the State hostage for 100 days, not allowing a budget to pass for fear of
Arnolt Volkenshater calling them Girlie Men. Their failed policies have destroyed the economy of the nation, globe and the 7th largest
economy in the world. Yet will they make any concession, adjustment or compromise to save Kollyfonia from fiscal and physical disaster!!
NO!! THAT might mean going OFF SCRIPT and since Nuke Gettingrich perpetrated the CONTRACT ON AMERICA, nobody goes off script,
nobody gives an inch on Robot Reagan's mantra of NO NEW TAXES.

Even when they have to do what they said they wouldn't, they have to try to make it sound like something else, someone else's fault.
Now Arnolt Volkenshater is on the TV saying YES sometimes we gonna hafta raise taxes when it's an EMERGENCY.

So, to save face, these rotten bastards would push the nation, state and planet to the brink of cataclysmic EMERGENCY, rather than not be "RIGHT."

They got nothing. Except lies, games and gimmicks.

If they had a sense of humor (that wasn't based on bigotry and sadomasochism), Republicons might think it pretty funny that DU is running in circles,
chasing its tail about the response to Bobby Jindal's name, distracted from President Obama's speech and all it contained.

Distracted from the fact that they sent out a redneck with brown skin and a "funny name."

Distracted from the fact they they sent out a rodeo clown with a barely discernible, hypocritical message.

Distracted from the fact that this goomba had the nerve to use Bushco's genocidal response to Hurricane Katrina to make some kind of point/s for the Republicons.

Now THAT'S racist.

And of course, any negitive comments to Omega are met with troll comments. What a bunch of frigging loosers. It is going to be a sad day on November 12 2010 when these idiots see the elction results.