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  1. #1 The traitors are in power! 
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    Giving away secrets

    Here we go. This will be the stuff of the front page of the nyt!

    Senate to investigate CIA's actions under Bush
    J. Scott Applewhite, Associated Press
    CIA chief Leon E. Panetta said officers should not be prosecuted if they were acting on orders.
    The 'fact-finding' effort will seek details on secret prisons and interrogation methods -- but will not aim to determine if CIA officials broke laws, legislative sources say.


    But whereas those investigations focused largely on errors in the CIA's analytic efforts, the new inquiry will dive directly into its most sensitive operations, seeking to unearth details that previous generations of agency officials referred to as the "crown jewels."

    During the Bush administration, the agency was often able to safeguard many of those secrets. Lawmakers have never been told the locations of the CIA's secret prisons overseas, for example.

    But the Obama administration is expected to give congressional investigators new access to classified records as well as individuals who took part in operating the secret prisons and interrogating detainees.

    CIA Director Leon E. Panetta pledged this week that he would cooperate with any congressional investigation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patriot45 View Post
    Giving away secrets

    Here we go. This will be the stuff of the front page of the nyt!
    Next up we will have liberal swine like Sen 'Leaky' Leahy spilling the secrets of our ABM guidance systems on CNN and the patrol areas of our Boomers on MSNBC !
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  3. #3 And it comes down to this 
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    At first read I think, oh no, here we go with the endless Bush investigations.
    But then I think, ok, a necessary diversion from further ruining the economy.
    It'll keep the drones busy.
    But reality tells me they will conduct both mindless investigations and ruin the economy.
    The down side of multi-tasking.
    Now how bad is it when it comes down to this?
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