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Don't you know? It's the lax, tolerant gun laws of Virginia and West Virgina that cause the violence in D.C! It's got nothing to do with a whole land full of sheep without a sheepdog among them, combined with an inadequate shepherd.

As the violence goes up the governmental retards in D.C. somehow believe that the very laws that have allowed and encouraged said violence are going to be the ultimate salvation from criminal violence.

Seriously! What a bunch of fucking retards! Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result! Didn't these guys ever have a class in logic & philosiphy?

Maybe once D.C. becomes a "shall issue" federal territory, and it's crime drops in half people will start paying attention. I'm not convinced this will teach the gun grabbers a lesson though.

Always try to remember when dealing with a liberal expect some kind of illogical,insane,foolish
,contradictory,feelings delivered with great emotional conviction in opposition to something
that is widely accepted as fact by intelligent people no mater the level of the liberal critters
education !
The more degrees they have the longer their exposure to the radical Hippie moonbat professors !