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  1. #1 Russia will not abandon Iran for missile defense 
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    Fox nor the BBC have an article about this yet, but according to Russia Today...

    Russia will not peddle Iran away for missile defence – Medvedev


    Foreign policy exchange to solve the problem of deployment of the US AMD system in Eastern Europe is counter-productive and unacceptable, said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during his official visit to Spain.

    At a joint media briefing with the Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Russian president denied receiving any offer of a trade-off of the Iranian nuclear problem in exchange for the cancellation of deployment of American anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe.

    Medvedev also labelled any kinds of trade-offs in foreign relations as counter-productive. The Russian president also said that Moscow is encouraged by the positive signals from Washington.

    Thus, Medvedev commented on earlier media speculation about entering into correspondence with the US president on the matter of American missile-defence in Europe.

    “If the new US administration manifests common sense and proposes a new alternative plan that would satisfy all Europeans and Washington, and would be acceptable to our country, we are ready to discuss it,” Medvedev stated.

    “It should be a global defence system, not a fragment located near the Russian border. The signals we are getting from Washington show they are ready to talk about it. And there are no trade-offs concerning Iran's nuclear programme. We have been working very closely with the US on this issue,” he added, speaking at the media conference.
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    I'm all for a global defense system, as long as the US and the UK are the ones running it.
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