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    Quote Originally Posted by linda22003 View Post
    This argument really makes no sense to me. Dwight Eisenhower was not true blue to Mamie, but he did a hell of a job for this country in a couple of different roles.
    That is totally true.

    A husband and wife stand and commit to love, honor and cherish until death do them part. I don't live in a bubble, I know half of marriages end in divorce. That's an accurate if not incredibly sad statistic. But if either/both parties decide they cannot honor those vows and choose to divorce, I can at least respect their honesty.

    In the case of Clinton, he cheated on his wife. He lied to his wife about his cheating and allowed her to publicly defend him against "scandalous" charges from the VRWC. He is a very intelligent man. He had to realize that if his lie was exposed, his wife would be totally humiliated nationally on multiple levels. That didn't stop him from doing it.

    He stood in front of cameras, wagging his finger, telling America with such conviction that he did not have sex with that woman. All the while knowing he was lying through his teeth.

    Now for me, the incidents with his wife told me he couldn't be trusted. A good man just doesn't treat his wife that way. If he wants to play, he gets a divorce so he can play around. Otherwise he leaves his stains at home.

    His performance at the Jones deposition and in front of the grand jury seem to validate the idea that this man will lie anywhere, anytime, if it suits his purpose.

    If, as a nation, we're willing to accept his scandals because the nation is doing well economically, then IMHO we are a nation of whores.

    This isn't coming from some religious philosophy. I don't even attend church. I just think it's a matter of right and wrong and human decency.
    Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    At the time of Chappaquidick, drunk driving wasn't punished the same way it is now. If it had been, Teddy would have gone to jail and probably not been elected to the senate over and over again.
    Ever heard of Patrick Kennedy?

    In 2000, Kennedy was accused of pushing a security guard at LAX. City prosecutors ultimately decided not to bring criminal charges against him and he paid an undisclosed civil settlement to the alleged victim almost two years later.[4]

    In 2000, Atlantic Navigation Company of Mystic, Connecticut claimed that a boat they rented to Kennedy was found abandoned off Martha's Vineyard with $28,000 worth of damage.[5]

    The same year, the Coast Guard was dispatched to Kennedy's yacht after he and his date became embroiled in an argument on his yacht off Martha's Vineyard.[6]

    In 2003, Kennedy was criticised for saying "I have never worked a fucking day in my life," which his staff later claimed was a satirical reference to repeated charges of never having worked.[7]

    In 2007, the Kennedy camp stated that they will retain $6,600 in donations from fugitive Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu. Kennedy is one of the few Democrats not to return or donate these contributions. This is a controversial action because of the allegation that Hsu has been using his personal funds to unfairly influence Washington.[8]
    I feel that once a black fella has referred to white foks as "honky paleface devil white-trash cracker redneck Caspers," he's abdicated the right to get upset about the "N" word. But that's just me. -- Jim Goad
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