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Then, if that's the case, you shouldn't use the the description of yourself for others.
Is this the exchange you are moaning about ? ?

Bush: lift ban on off shore drilling

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In which case we still qualify as the average Aussie has twice your IQ points and three times the common sense.

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You forgot the better looking part and your feet dont sting as much ! " a simple typo should read stink,I missed it !

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Step on one sting ray.

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1. He didn't step on it, he swam PAST it and it fired the barb at him.
2. You dont "step" on stingrays as they normally stay away from humans as this was a freak occurrence and they usually stay on the move, havng gills as they do, and needing to keep moving so as they can breathe...you unutterable, uneducated FOOL

3. Steve Irwin was fifteen times the man, twenty times the father and a hundred times the hero then you will ever be or hope to be and will remain an icon to conservationists everywhere.

His daughter is loved and adored by all Australians, she and her mother are carrying on his legacy and have the popular support of EVERYONE..Bindi is her father's daughter and we could not be more proud of her....if I were you, I'd never make that comment in the hearing of any Australian...

4. That one remark, was I an admin, would be enough to ban your ass PERMANENTLY for one of the most offensive comments in living history.