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It's unfortunate that some work the system like that. There are ways the government is trying to reduce that. In theory, I would think whether kids get medicaid would normally depend on all the income the custodial parent receives. And in a perfect world, she/he should be receiving child support payments from the non-custodial parent, which I think is partially based on the income of the non-custodial parent (meaning the father's income should be in the picture).

Not everybody works for a company that has insurance that you're talking about. If one is working at Hardees, they can't necessarily afford 37.00 dollars a week. That's about 160.00 a month that some poor people see as being very important to have. And some people have two part time jobs and not currently working a full time job. They don't offer insurance for those people most of the time.

To answer the original question, I'd like to say that everybody should pay the same amount or percentage. Thing is I don't think the flat tax would work any better than complete Socialism.
I've sold to government accounts for well over 25 years. I've seen the government at work too closely. I do not trust the government to administer a health plan. I don't trust the politicians to capably manage anything.

I really don't want my life dependent on some beaurocrats rulings on health issues. The insurance companies are bad enough; the government would be worse.

Lanie, have you ever been in a VA hospital? Some of the ones around here are pretty frightening. I've had several VA hospital employees state that they don't want their own parents or themselves getting care there.

I haven't worked all these years, paying my insurance, to turn over my care to some rotten universal health plan. I think much of it is an attempt to get something for nothing, the usual way the dems grab power.

I don't want something for nothing. But I do want our current medical system intact, not diluted.