I would like to start off by saying that I have always liked Congressman J.C. Watts. He has always been a true conservative, as far as I know, and he said in an interview a long time ago, that he became a Republican, in part, because of the social issues. I had even mentioned J.C. Watts' name as a possible running mate for John McCain in an earlier post.

But now I take that back. According to an article posted on WorldNetDaily.com, J.C. Watts is actually toying with the idea of pulling the lever for Barack Hussein Al-Obama. Look, I can understand if he doesn't feel comfortable with John McCain and wants to either sit out or vote third party. But to even consider voting for a pro-abortion, anti-family Marxist like Obama, simply because he's black, would be just as STUPID a decision, especially as a conservative, as it would be for me to vote for someone like Ralph Nader, simply because he is white. Here's the link:

From WorldNetDaily.com:

The article also says that Armstrong Williams, a former conservative African-American radio talk show host, feels that history "thrusts" him to really seriously think about voting for Obama, even though Williams admittedly disagrees with most of what Obama stands for.

The funny thing is, I thought we all had moved beyond this racist crap. I guess I was sadly mistaken.