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    RUSH: I got a couple of audio sound bites I want to play here for you from President Obama. Before playing these two sound bites, I want to recognize something that I don't think the White House seems to understand, or maybe they do. It's always problematic to characterize these people because you really don't know what they know, what they understand, because they are so inwardly focused. But I want you to understand that I understand just how much fear there is in this country among people who have seen over half of everything they had saved vanish, and there is no indication that it is going to start building again. The whole notion that the American dream of hard work, ambition, combined with dreams can make things possible, more and more people are losing belief in that, understandably so. Not everybody is, but a lot of people are, more than you know. There is palpable fear.

    Let's talk about seasoned citizens first. Some of them have only their Social Security, but others have more or had more. They had retirement accounts, various places that their portfolio was diversified. Whenever anybody's portfolio was, however it was diversified, half of it's gone in six months with no end in sight, and certainly no rebound in sight. And people are wondering what to do. Should they take their money out of the market? They see everybody else shorting the market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average down 16 points today. It's been flirting up 25, down 25, but it isn't moving up, it's not ticking up. So people are wondering should they actually pull their money out, convert it to cash and put it in a safe somewhere? There is fear of the banks not being solvent. More banks in Georgia were shut down late last week or over the weekend. It's something that happens now with a predictable frequency. And generally people are talking, "Where is the bottom going to be?" Nobody can tell you where the bottom is going to be.

    The president of the United States is not inspiring any confidence whatsoever. All of this economic tumult is really the result of a banking crisis with no effort to fix it. There is no plan. Geithner doesn't know what he's doing. He just got three assistants that were nominated to serve with him, but he doesn't know what he's doing. There's nobody in this administration inspiring confidence that there is an end in sight to this. The only people being inspired are those who simply believe the words of Obama because he's Obama, the same people that voted for him, because there's certainly nothing of substance. Let's listen to a couple of sound bites. This is last Friday. Less than 90 minutes after Air Force One landed on the way back from Columbus, Ohio, President Obama called the New York Times about the interview he gave them earlier.
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    There is no plan
    Sure there is, the plan is to spend as much money as they can and when that doesn't work - blame Bush.

    Seriously did he really expect that the stooges running this government have a plan other than turn this country into a socialist nation!
    "If every poor man is to come here and start requesting money for all his children, the applicants will never be satisfied and the nation's finances will collapse." Emperor Tiberius: Tacitus:Annals

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    I think Rush knows more about the economy than Obama, Summers, Bernanke, Geithner, Volker,Axe and Eman all put together. A little COMMON SENSE goes a LONG WAY
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