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Seems the dollar isn't becoming so much deflated as all the socialist's are suggesting in their latest writings. Me thinks by next year this time we will see which way it's going to go.

Around 20 to 30% of what you have saved just as a hedge against inflation. Some are saying much more, but I can't see me putting more than 40% . I'm just not that bold.

Here's a good site. http://www.swissamerica.com/

Check it out...you have to be careful in this type of investment, but I believe they're legit. See what you think
Thanks for the web site. I prefer to buy coins from the mint. Gold and Platinum eagle coins will only go up in value regardless of what bullion does. Prices of gold & Platinum coins on e-bay are outrageous. Kitco and Northwest Territorial Mint are legit.

Silver coins are also a great investment. Plus, they have more upside than gold from a bullion perspective. Platinum is the same deal.