Well, I didn't spend much time here before, and it was several years ago. The forum has moved and changed much, (unless the one I was on was a different board with the same name...) but we'll see if it's still conservative.

I come from Free Conservatives, where I'm known by the same screen name. Anyone here ever been there?

A little about me:

A specialist in the US army currently stationed in South Korea. I'm a die hard Limbaugh fan and am hoping against hope that Obama DOES fail. If the theory of people voting their pocket books holds, Obama may lose his bid for reelection.

I'll say it, I hope the economy stays stagnant just so people can see with their own eyes how bad a figure like Obama is. From the looks of things, BO is gonna make Clinton look like George Washington himself. And what's worse, this guy couldn't have more media adoration if he were a dictator.

I'm a christian Bible believer. I think most if not all denominations have lost sight of the real messages of the Bible, by constantly encouraging study methods that don't make any sense. Randomly memorizing sentences, reading chapters all out of order, hearing hundreds of distinct sermons on one chapter... well, no wonder there are so many denominations. Everyone is confused. Read and study the book like a book, trust me, it does make sense, just not the sense you think it will.