News Flash: Pelosi ISN'T partisan! lol

Pelosi Denies She's Partisan, Accuses GOP of 'Process' Politics
Republican claims that she revels in partisanship are 'simply not true,' the House speaker said in an interview with Charlie Rose

Saturday, March 14, 2009

For anyone who is making House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., out to be the leading purveyor of partisan politics, she has a bone to pick.

"There seems to be a market for saying that I am very partisan, and that I don't give the Republicans their opportunity. That simply is not true," Pelosi said in an interview with PBS' Charlie Rose. "They know in this recovery package that we had, we ask them what they wanted."

Pelosi, however, went on to suggest that the minority Republicans were complaining about the legislative process as a political ploy because they were losing the battle.

No House Republicans voted last month for the $787 billion economic stimulus bill proposed by President Obama and hammered out by Democratic leaders.

The Republicans "wanted certain things in there," Pelosi told Rose. "They asked for markups."

She said that the GOP took the "easy way out" by justifying voting against the measure by the Democrats' unwillingness to accept their amendments.

"If you can't win on policy, then you go to process," she said. "If you can't win on process, then you go to personality. And that's how they have decided they would make up stories about me and the rest."

One GOP leadership aide told earlier this week that Pelosi's overreaching will catch up to her, costing her party seats in the near future.

"There are a large number of House Democrats sitting in seats where President Bush and often Sen. McCain won on the presidential level -- so those members typically campaigned by claiming to be very moderate," the aide said.

"And the more the speaker strikes out in a liberal, partisan direction...the harder she makes it for Democrats in those seats," the aide added.

But Pelosi shrugged off the criticism.

"I can't be bothered about what they say about me," she told Rose. "All I'm interested in is getting the job done. And I really want to get it done in a bipartisan way."