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  1. #1 "More Liberal 'Smoke and Mirrors','Jesus Was an Illegal Alien'! 
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    Obama Religious Affairs Adviser: 'Jesus Was an Illegal Alien'

    Writings sounded more like a presenting a glowing Barack Obama campaign press release than a political story when they announced the hiring of Obama's new religious affairs adviser: Shaun Casey, who teaches religion and politics at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C., has been hired by the Obama campaign to focus on outreach to evangelical voters.

    "The Theologian: Shaun Casey
    For a Christian ethicist, Shaun Casey crosses a lot of lines.
    Raised in a small Kentucky town, he spent much of his adult life at Harvard University, where he earned degrees in divinity and public administration, as well as a doctorate of theology in religion and society."

    "Another Harvard operative,Most are lawyers but this one a theologian !"

    "A member and former minister of the conservative Churches of Christ, Casey, 49, now teaches Christian ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary, a Methodist school in Washington, D.C.
    "I bring a perspective where I've been knocking around in some interesting and strange corners in this country," Casey said. "

    "Churches of Christ Doctrine"
    "In keeping with their history, Churches of Christ claim the New Testament as their sole rule of faith and practice in deciding matters of doctrine and ecclesiastical structure. Although they view the Old Testament as divinely inspired and historically accurate, they do not see its laws as binding under the New Covenant in Christ (unless they are repeated in the New Testament). They believe that the New Testament demonstrates how a person may become a Christian, thus a part of the universal church of Christ, and how a church should be collectively organized and carry out its scriptural purposes."
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