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    THOUSANDS of people have lined Brisbane streets to welcome home about 700 soldiers who served in Iraq. The soldiers marched to City Hall.

    Defence department personnel estimated about 8,000-10,000 people watched the parade, recognising the contribution made by defence personnel who have served with the Al Muthanna Task Group, The Overwatch Battle Group-West and the Australian Army training team in Iraq.

    ``Today the Australian nation says thank you to you, the men and women of the Australian Defence Force, for your service in Iraq,'' Mr Rudd told the troops. ``You are the proud inheritors of the Anzac tradition which reaches back 100 years.''

    ........This is the welcome our Vietnam soldiers should have received decades ago
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    I thank them for their service, bravery, alliance, and assisstance in Iraq. They deserve a heroes welcome for risking their own lives while aiding our fine US military personnel when others would not.
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