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  1. #1 "Lets see If We Can Shut This Guy Up With The U.S Marshals ?" 
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    Man critical of Obama case judge visited by marshals,'I told your Gestapo goons we had nothing to talk about'

    Merrell told of his particular dislike of "government tyranny" has existed "since my fourth-great-grandfather, Captain Benjamin Merrell, was hanged – hanged, drawn and quartered – by the British Royal Governor of North Carolina in 1771 for protesting high and unjust taxes."

    A Washington, D.C., man who believes Barack Obama probably isn't eligible to be president – and colorfully stated as much to a federal judge who dismissed a case challenging Obama's residency in the White House – says he got a visit from U.S. marshals for his exercise of free speech.

    Jesse Merrell told WND he was reacting to Judge James Robertson's decision to throw out a case challenging Obama's eligibility because the issue had been thoroughly "twittered."

    Merrell sarcastically gave the judge a "good-for-you."

    "How dare people use a flimsy thing like the Constitution to darken your sanctimonious door!"
    he wrote to the judge. "The insane idea that a blue-gum baboon slashing our Constitution has to prove U.S. citizenship – as our silly old Constitution demands – is too absurd to consider in the sacred chambers of the tiny tin gods of the Potomac, adorning the royal purple and sipping Jim Jones Kool-Aid.

    "Thanks to smug, slimy shyObama gets a free ride sters like you,

    – snootily stomping on our foolish Constitution, which supercilious idiots like you have long ago shredded for their own stupid opinions!" Merrell continued in the letter, a copy of which he provided to WND.

    He finished with his speculation on what "ought" to happen to the judge, a physical act not appropriate for a family-oriented report.

    A short time later, he said he found two U.S. marshals on his doorstep.

    "After reading your story about Federal Judge James Robertson dismissing a suit challenging Obama's natural born citizenship, and suggesting sanctions, I wrote him a very critical letter," Merrell told WND. "Two U.S. marshals came to visit me, making threats to silence me.

    "I told them unless the First Amendment had been repealed, or they had a warrant for my arrest, we had nothing to discuss," he continued. "But they insisted on coming in, and making further threats.

    "I responded with another letter, with firm language, but nothing I haven't used for 30 years, and quoting Thomas Jefferson's warning to bind judges with the 'chains of the Constitution' to prevent mischief."

    WND called the U.S. marshals service for comment, but there was no comment on the specific case. A WND message left for one of the officers involved also was not returned.

    A media office spokeswoman who took the message did confirm that "anyone who may write a letter referencing a judge or put something in a letter causing the marshals to be concerned about the well-being of a judge, they would look into it."
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