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    Well, those who I know who claim to be social liberal/fiscal conservatives are people more like myself (ie. libertarian conservative). Most of the issues raised in the OP wouldn't really fit the bill for that type. They generally identify this way to disassociate themselves from the big government nanny state liberals called social conservatives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike128 View Post
    First, I would like to say there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to cut taxes and reduce the size of government.

    But I'm sick and tired of those politicians who run TV and radio ads that claim they're a strong "Fiscal Conservative." 9 out of 10 times, this means the candidate is also pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-amnesty for illegals, pro-affirmative action, etc. They would be better off calling themselves tax-cutting Democrats.

    I only vote for REAL conservatives. If a socially liberal "Fiscal Conservative" wins the Republican Primary, I will usually either vote the candidate down in the general election, or sit out the election altogether. I have already voted against Doug Forrester when he ran for NJ governor, and I don't apologize. Forrester was a social liberal, just like Corzine, so it really didn't matter to me who won that election. I was also angry at how badly Bret Schundler's record got smeared during the Republican Primary that year.

    So, if the Republicans want to win local and statewide elections this year, they had better knock off the "Fiscal Conservative" nonsense, and nominate REAL conservatives to solidify the base and defeat the Democrats in the fall.
    And yet conservatives sometimes ask me why I mostly consider the social issues and not the fiscal ones when it comes to being a conservative? Because I know the definition of conservative has changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post
    So who won the Republican nomination?

    Your rants sound good but don't pan out.
    OK, LL. We can all admit that John McCain isnt exactly the ideal 'conservative'. But at least I am willing to give McCain a chance, UNLIKE if Massachusetts Liberal Mitt Romney or Pro-Abortion Adulterer Rudy Giuliani had won the nomination.

    McCain's first major decision will be who he picks as his VP running mate. And as a proud staunch social conservative, I will be using McCain's VP pick as a LITMUS TEST to decide whether or not I will vote for him in the fall.

    If McCain picks a pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, pro-affirmative action 'Fiscal Conservative' as his running mate, I will SURELY vote the ticket down this November.

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