McCain is soooo boring that even the opposing party activists don't bother to attack him!

Or so, it would seem.

I did an action thread here:

and I had one DU poster tell me that "Your McCain stuff is old news, we all know about that, right? Rather see DU take a more pro-active unity position, than the poo-poo, ca-ca stuff like this.
How else do you win crossover and independent voters?"

Another one said, " I read about this earlier (McCain claiming credit)", and made no other comments about that particular issue, as poster was too busy being excited about the Obama issue that concerns him much more.

I note that most McCain threads die a quick death, for the most part.

Here's one about him not paying the property taxes for the last 4 years on one of his Residences; this one in California:
:wtf: It should have 100 recommends by now!

as should this one,

and the McCain youtube of the antiwar protestors interrupting his speech should be going viral right about now.

There's like only 5 threads that I can count about McCain, while I find many more full of negativity on our Democratic Nominee, and just as many threads if not more with the name Clinton in them.

Is John McCain that boring? :shrug:

Because he may be so boring that he ends up winning the Presidency, just cause nobody is even excited enough to even try and go after him.
Poor Frenchie. No one is paying attention. :D

I think it's great that McCain is so boring that no one wants to talk about him. Better than Teflon. :)