By Jed Gladstein

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Public education today is a mess. It has been ruined by parents whose legitimate concern for their kids has been translated into illegitimate interference with the educational process. Aiding and abetting the parents are legislators who have passed laws that empower parents and students at the expense of professional educators, and a judiciary that imposes its will on the educational process without regard for the realities of education.
Ever ready to please parent-voters by trying out the newest and most politically correct solution to the age-old problem of producing an educated citizenry, and with a grateful glance in the direction of the education wizards just in case someone might need to be blamed for future failures, our legislators have mandated or approved such miracles of modern education as:

  1. Learning how to read without phonics (ironically labeled "whole language" learning);
  2. Learning mathematics without addition and subtraction (laughably labeled "new math");
  3. Learning mainstream history through the fisheye of the historically disaffected or politically disenfranchised;
  4. Learning literature by abandoning luminaries like Shakespeare in favor of "more modern" authors;
  5. Dumping students into classrooms in which multiple teachers simultaneously try to teach multiple curriculums to multiple grades of children;[1]
  6. Grouping non-English speaking students with students whose knowledge of English is essential to mastering the subject being taught; and,
  7. Deserting the historically successful practice of grouping children according to their intellectual abilities so that appropriate teaching strategies and instructional tempos can be used to maximize the student learning experience.

The result of this brave-new-world approach to education has been to produce two or three generations of disgracefully under-educated and woefully under-performing citizens.
But probably loyal socialists.:mad: