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I understand what you posted and I agree with much of it, but it is not just Muslims who practice honor killings. Setting the issue of inadequate dowries aside there are plenty of events like this:

In the above case the honor killing was performed by a Sikh family. The following is a link to an op-ed piece from The Telegraph of Calcutta noting that honor killings are still a problem in India.
In northern India honor killings are becoming epidemic among not only the Muslims but also the Hindus. In India strict adherence to that caste system is to blame for most of the honor killings. Marriage outside of the caste can and does earn both male and females death at the hands of offended relatives.
If you read back, you'll note that I mentioned the Sikhs as the other major source of honor killings, but it is far less prevalent among Sikhs and Hindus than it is among Moslems.
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There are less honor killings out side of the Muslim mindset, but I do believe that the concept of honor killings was imported from India into the Middle East by Verdic Hinduism that was the majority religion in the Arab states long before Islam arose.
Except that hinduism wasn't the majority religion in the Arab states. The former Roman provinces, which encompassed North Africa and western Asia, were Christian, Persia was Zoroastrian and the Arab states of the Middle East that were not Christian were a mix of pagan faiths, including the Greek pantheon that had been spread by Alexander. Honor killings are a tribal function, in which polygamous societies see women as a trade good, and female value is defined by chastity. We see this in the early Biblical stories of the tribes of Israel. However, as cultures move away from tribal norms, honor, as understood to be a function of clan power and female chastity, is replaced by a more individualized honor code, in which personal conduct is more critical than tribal or famililial conduct, just as the flip side of tribal honor, shame, the public humiliation caused by the loss of honor, is replaced by guilt, an internalized, individual sense of wrongdoing. So long as Islam remains a tribal faith and culture, it will turn a blind eye to honor killings, which will continue to be a major factor in the relations between men and women in that culture.