Its not the kid that is the hassle, she's quite compact and well behaved actually, its all the other stuff that seems to accumulate around here.
the toys, the books, the movies, the baby dolls...
the rabbit
then the carnie fish..apparently a limp wristed sissy girly girl throw is just the right throw necessary to hit the little glass bowl and win the goldfish at a carnival game..over and over again and I realize I purchased a bucket of FIFTY GOLF BALLS for her to throw. Standing behind her frantically drawing cutting motions across my neck, I got it down to three fish only in the little pet carrier tank sold to me by the carnie for only five dollars more (given away at the pet stores).
One fish expired the first night...sweetie distracted her by having her take the dogs for a walk while I did the funeral service...
One died a few weeks later, I distracted her and then looked her in the eye later when she noticed the missing fish and told her it got lonely and got out of the tank and ran away to its family while we were gone for the weekend.
This leaves one carnie tough squinty eyed camel unfiltered, tattooed beer drinking 29 cent feeder gold the original pet carrier bowl. Oh no..we can't have that..sweetie came home from work friday with a fifty gallon tank with the complete set up! for a goldfish that is __________________ (actual size)
of course, you know how this works, "he's lonely mama"
what next? coyotes? rattle snakes? bobcats?