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you are my inspiration, as you survived, so shall I.
sweetie has a python, and as a special request to me does not feed it in front of me and little bug..now after a year or so, he got a bit lax and she saw the little carrier box with "supper" in it..furry cute mickey's cousin supper...I had to explain (coward was at work) to her that it was not her new pet..it was Dude's dinner :(
Survived I did, but only because that caiman got some sort of disease and rotted away. If it had grown to about 5 feet long I probably wouldn't have survived.

A neighbor's son had several caiman which took over the basement---she couldn't use her washer and dryer there because the creatures were down there. They were big as a mid-sized gator. The kid grew up to be a renowned herpetologist. Glad my kids got discouraged and didn't branch out further with their collection. :D

That "dinner" thing for the snakes gets tough. Lost a feeder mouse in my car, had stopped for snake food and the pet store had them in a Chinese takeout carton. The dratted thing ate through the carton and ran all over the car. Never did find it----alive. :eek: