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Hot, muggy morning in New England as I wend my way into the City. Staying at the Waldorf this week as I was able to get a fairly decent rate and haven't stayed there in years.

TOTD: My French has survived the last few years surprisingly well, as I learned on this last trip. However, despite the fact I took three years of college German, I doubt I would do well in der Rhineland.

I don't see how you can, based on your French, understand Italian. To me, it's totally incomprehensible. When we were last in Venice, even when people were speaking English, I couldn't understand them! :D
Italian is easy.Just shrug your shoulders and wave your hands a lot !While skiing in northern Italy the Germans think that the Italians are after their young daughters and wives.The French complaining of the wine,food and fat Italian woman are the ones that really are after the German daughters .The older Italian men sit together in the sun,drinking their wine,eating their pasta,puffing on their Pedroni's and laughing at the stupid tourist and skiers arguing endlessly about everything !