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    Quote Originally Posted by ConJinx View Post
    Are you serious. Have you seen McCain, AN ACTUAL HERO, try to wave. gee wonder why he has problems with raising his arms, OH Yeah, CHARLIE HUNG HIM FOR DAYS BY THEM. What a dumbass everyman can be.
    The purpose of this forum is to find the most seditious, traitorous, outrageous, or just plain stupid thread at the DUmp and post it here... The comments reflect the opinion of the poster not the sentences in quotes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by everyman68 View Post
    The poster would have offered his captors sexual favors as soon as they raised their voice.
    Ever since Wes Clark came on and said that merely being shot down during a war was not a qualification for president, others perceive permission to knock McCain's service in any way they wish.
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