WALL-E is a Pixar film that takes a look at hard science fiction, robots, consumerism, hopeless romance, and the charmingly old fashioned notion of the "can-do" spirit.

Set in the future, WALL-E opens as we follow the title character on his daily rounds. WALL-E's sole purpose in life is to gather, compact, and stack the enormous piles of trash that now cover the surface of Earth. All the humans have fled into space and live aboard what amounts to a giant cruise ship. WALL-E labors on alone to repair the damage.

Eventually a probe is sent to Earth to search for plant life. This probe is EVE, a sleek, dangerous, and single-minded robot. WALL-E falls hopelessly with his much higher tech counterpart. When EVE does find a plant (courtesy of WALL-E) the two robots embark on fast paced adventure aboard the human ship.

By this point in time, the humans aboard have become giant babies. They are carried everywhere in floating chairs, have every whim fulfilled, and spend all their time interacting with each other via view screens. As WALL-E and EVA try desperately to inform the captain of their find, they accidentally wake-up some of the humans who begin to see that there is more to life than just living.

But not everyone is unhappy with the status quo and WALL-E and EVA find that they must overcome some old school programming in their quest. With the help of other robots and an a captain who has the courage to defy the business as usual mindset, WALL-E, EVE and all the humans find a new purpose in life.

Of course, true love is affirmed, friendship is celebrated, and "no pain, no gain" becomes the order of the day.

Although there has been some chatter that movie dumps on capitalism or pushes some kind of outrageous environmental agenda, I'd didn't find that to be true. It's funny, heroic, dark, and whimsical all at once. You'll like it.

Who's it for: all ages. There is no profanity, drug use, sex, or gory violence.