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Clark was answering a question from Sheiffer. He was making an observation. I heard him say
that McCain was his hero. He was proud of his service. He said getting shot down while serving was
not a qualification for president. Good example. Gator served in the military honorably and I would dare say with the exception of being a POW...served just as gallantly as McCain. Is Gator qualified to be president because he served in the military?

This board is very hypocritical when it comes to dissing our men in uniform. Ya'll will diss Gator at the drop of a hat and are doing it to a 4 star General because he made an observation which hurt McCain's feelings.
I have a problem with McCain 's lack of searching for other POW's while he constantly uses his military service just like Kerry did.

I don't think being a soldier or POW qualifies one for office nor does a community organizer. It's about the future and not about the past. Anyone want to run Gator for president..He did serve as a combat vet in Nam? HONORABLY. Credentials in the senate I would think and legislation is something that is debate worthy but not military service. It is honorable but it is not a qualification.
That is a lousy example in my opinion. Gator has no experience in governmental service and Obama has very little either. McCains qualifications and policies trumps Obama's big time in the areas of the war on terror, military spending, defense, taxes, medical care, etc. That is why I will vote for him based on experience and policies. Military service has very little to do with my vote nor does race.

I will never vote for a black or white racist and I think Obama is one. If I am not mistaken, Obama and his anti-American wife talk about race all the time. They do all that shucking and jiving about their race.

I certainly do not have a problem with McCain touting his military experience. The difference is that Obama has none. Got it! BTW, Clark is a puppet of the Obama campaign and will be rewarded with a cabinet post if Obama wins. Do you understand that concept?