Ok, Ginger and Gator, this aint the smokers bible or anything, this is just good grillin!

Rub the ribs with your fav rub - mine happens to be Grillmasters pork rub.
Refridge overnite.
Soak some hickory chunks in water for 1/2 hour, wrap in tin foil packet
Pre-heat grill to 250, burners one side only.
Set the packet of hickory over the lit burners and the ribs on the unlit side.

Cook for 3 hours, after 1.5 hours turn the ribs around.
I like to spritz them with a spray bottle with pineapple juice mixed with beef broth, keeps them moist.

You cannot buy ribs this good!

Rubbed and on the grill

Tip for Gator, when the bones start sticking out, they are done!


I'm in Heaven!