zulchzulu (1000+ posts) Mon Jun-30-08 09:46 PM
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Fucker Carlson sticks up for Swift Boat Vets like a little schoolboy
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I'm hoping the new SCOTUS law allowing all DC residents to have a hand gun that Fucker Carlson would agree with lead to him seeing what goes around come around.

Watching the painful Dan Abrams show talking about McSame pulling out a FUCKING SWINE who was one of the Swifty Boyz, Fucker Carlson stood up for them. Again, the more handgun carriers near where he sips fruit drinks the better.

More on the Swift Boat lies:

Fucker... talk some long walks at night in DC. Do the human race a big fucking favor.
More death wishes for someone they don't agree with.

There's quite a few responses but none that call him on this.