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  1. #1 "Obama's Ass_Wipe Wesley Clark Insults a Silver Star awarded American Hero!" 
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    "Clark's Slimy little Anti-American stab in the back of a real American war hero is beyond lowClass.
    Clark has been kissing any Liberal Butt in Washington just to get a Big Job in Government
    even to insulting his Military betters!"

    Wesley Clark isn’t worthy to wipe up the blood in John McCain’s cell. And yet this ambitious little Obama lackey has so whored himself to a shot at the vice presidency that he’s willing to mock another warrior’s service.

    And not just any warrior.

    But a genuine, bona fide Silver Star awarded American war hero

    You may not want to vote for John McCain, but you can’t disrespect him.

    At least not his military service. That’s beyond the pale. That’s not what honorable or decent people do.

    You don’t mock the shedding of a man’s blood. You don’t ridicule his torture at the hands of a savage enemy. You don’t diminish his service in uniform.
    It simply is not done.

    And yet this Barack Obama surrogate, on one of the Sunday talk shows, did exactly that.

    And those sort of things don’t happen by accident. The Obama campaign is one of the best-run and most-disciplined presidential runs in memory. It doesn’t make false steps and it doesn’t do anything without thinking it through and measuring it for effect and benefit.
    So this wasn’t an accident

    torture at the hands...
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