Clear and warm here, which will give way to hot hot hot and later thunderstorms are in the forecast.

First Saturday in the new SKIN and I like it. The new CU look reminds me of a Klingon Bird of Prey: elegant design with badass capabilities. Thanks Rob and all involved for all the hard work.

Ever see the movie The Song Remains The Same? Led Zeppelin rulz in that one. I like concert movies or movies based on or around albums. The Wall comes to mind with Pink Floyd. The Last Waltz is another good one.

I believe a board is like that, like a band that plays together and makes something larger than the sum of its parts/members. Conviction. Credibility. Information. Humor. All are a part of making the song. A sense of style is involved. Also a sense of fun. It's fun to see a band where you can just tell that the guys/gals enjoy playing together.

IMHO, Conservative Underground is tuning up and getting ready to tour. We got a badass ship and double necked guitars, and even a little spandex. We're gonna rock.

TOTD; I think a person's life has a soundtrack. My own soundtrack has got a lot of bands, a lot of songs, and a lot of different styles of music in it. There really isn't one single band or song that is my 'theme' and I know the music has changed over the years as I have aged and experienced different things, I mean, I don't listen to Billy Idol as much now, but I still like the Ramones and the Beatles and the Stones. Led Zep I mentioned. Floyd. Dylan.

But let's call this the Saturday Jukebox. Music is good for the soul. What song or songs or band or bands are in the Soundtrack of your life? If you can post a link to the song, that would be cool too, but if not, just name it.

Say why you like the song or the band if you want to.