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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    That's funny!

    I'm not really a liberal about gun rights, even though I choose not to have one for my own reasons. I support law-abiding citizens' right to bear arms. I didn't grow up with guns, and know nothing about operating/maintaining them, so my choice is not to have one. That way, if someone is going to shoot me, at least it's not going to be with my own gun!

    I have a dagger in my nightstand drawer and a Louisville Slugger under the bed. If someone who doesn't have a gun breaks in and wants something other than my material goods, it's a fair fight. But I have lived for 22 years in a community that most consider high crime and have never been the victim of a crime. 12 of those years (1989-2001), I lived near Woodward and McNichols in Detroit. I think having a dog is helpful in preventing crime, and just being careful. Detroit is far more dangerous for black males aged 13-40 than it is for a white female in her 30s.
    A certain amount of situational awareness goes a long way towards protecting yourself from crime, as does having a big dog. Since we have two cats, I'd prefer to have a gun in the house, especially since I'm trained to use it. Unfortunately, Mrs. O isn't trained and feels the same way about it as you do, which bothers me no end, especially when I'm off making the rest of the world safe for democracy. She's also terrified of what might happen if the girls got hold of a gun, but I'm more worried about a break-in or other attack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaGator View Post
    Isn't that a Christian virtue? There a lot of people (yes conservatives too) who don't believe that they should own guns. They are not anti-gun they just don't feel comfortable owning them. I know quite a few people at church who don't own guns. I didn't own any until the last year and my feelings were similar to the woman in the article.
    Then what changed,why do you have a gun now ? As for Hope being a Christian Virtue I agree but I believe that common sense is also a great survival mechanism and allows one to persue a Christian life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by megimoo View Post
    Then what changed,why do you have a gun now ? As for Hope being a Christian Virtue I agree but I believe that common sense is also a great survival mechanism and allows one to persue a Christian life.
    I own them now because I have taken up hunting as a hobby. I have also found that I enjoy target shooting. I do keep one in the house for home defense but I don't take them out unless I am going to the range or going hunting.

    I ask you too look at the deaths of the martrys who allowed themselves to be killed for their beliefs. Now this is not exactly the same thing but in a sense both are willing to put their faith in their beliiefs over instinct. Some people do not feel comfortable owning guns so their version of common sense is different than yours or mine, that however doesn't distract from their survival instincts. Remember that survival has two responses to an attack, fight or flight. They have choosen flight. Either choice might in badly but it is a choice our nature makes for us.
    “I have learned now that while those who speak about one's miseries usually hurt, those who keep silence hurt more.”
    God judged it better to bring good out of evil than to suffer no evil to exist.
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