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  1. #1 "Father Reunited With Daughter He thought Dead Tracking Her Down On Google " 
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    Father Reunited With Daughter He Believed Dead For 27 years After Tracking Her Down On Google

    Father reunited with daughter he believed dead for 27 years after tracking her down on Google By MAIL FOREIGN SERVICE 17th April 2009 A father was reunited with the daughter he thought died 27 years ago after tracking her down through Google. Dirk Pratt's mother-in-law told him that Francesca had died from a mosquito bite on a visit to Ecuador. The toddler had been on a supposedly short trip with her mother. [PIC] Reunion: Dirk Pratt (left) had been told his daughter Francesca had died of a mosquito bite But she never returned, instead growing up in Latin American with...
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    hhehehehe his name is PRATT!
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