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  1. #1 Why are we paying so much for gas??? 
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    1 TRILLION barrels of oil in shale from under the Rocky Mountains

    - we can't touch it

    5.7 Billion barrels of oil in ANWR

    - we can't touch it.

    5.9 Billion barrels of oil in NPRA

    - we can't touch it.

    200 BILLION barrels of oil in N. Dakota

    - we can't touch it.

    Add these up (all are low end estimates) and you get 1,211,600,000,000 barrels of oil in just those 4 areas. If we multiply 365 days x 21,000,000 daily consumption in barrels and you get an annual consumption of 7,665,000,000 barrels. If you divide that into the low end estimate of available oil in JUST the four areas mentioned above, you find that we have enough oil RIGHT HERE to be COMPLETELY independent of mideast oil for 158 years at current consumption rates.

    Why can't we go after our own oil???

    The other problem we have with the price of Gas is we cannot refine it fast enough.

    What are the issues preventing this???

    No new refining capacity for over 30 years. Why???? Lawsuits brought by environmentalists and restrictions made by politicians.

    Who is resposible for this???? Guess.

    Environmentalists and Democrats and the press.

    Are you fed up with $4.00 gas????

    Who should you blame??? Environmentalists, the Press and Democrats.
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