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    Quote Originally Posted by ConJinx View Post
    what if I don't want to be politically correct. what if I choose to exercise freedom of speech, UNLIKE THE CHICOMs. And by the way, could we please come up with racial epithets that will actually offend me as a white person so I can say "stop saying that, it offends me!"
    How about "Hi There Honkey" ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gator View Post
    Look who is participating in the thread; Mr Whiny Himself.
    I would ask you to clarify that sir.
    One does not greet death when he knocks at your door.

    Nay you repeatedly punch him in the throat as he slowly drags you away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by megimoo View Post
    How about "Hi There Honkey" ?
    I prefer t be called "Cracker".:D
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