In Which Daily Kos Readers Colectively Fellate Rahm Emmanuel

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The comments here are hilarious: seems the commentors at daily Kos think Rahm Emmanuel is the hottest thing since Brad Pitt, and then they get mad when a dick like me points out that Rahm is more than a bit oif a douchebag.

I mean, what can one say to comments like:

he is killer handsome. Strange, I don’t react that way very often, but he has this brazen, brash look about him, although he is a little short.".A little short ?The man Is a midget at 5 ft. 1 in. !"

He looks like the quintessential bad boy. The guy your father just hated to see walk through the door. We all know one - handsome, but not classically so, brash, but not too brash, and with just the right amount of charm, but with that air of dangerousness.

The guy you’re never quite sure about - is he going to kiss your hand, or break your arm?

One thing for sure - you sure don’t want to cross him, because you know if he decides to get you, you’re well and truly gotten.

….the guy I always fell in love with. And married.

Ohhhhhh, yessssss (tingle, tingle).

…and on and on. For this guy:

There are a few more things that mysteriously did not make their way into what purported to be a comprehensive piece on the President’s Chief of staff:

• Conversations Rahm Had with Rod Blagojevich over his House seat which were taped by the FBI but not addressed in Greg Craig’s memo on White House contacts, the fact that he is mentioned in Fitzgerald’s complaint against Blagojevich as “President-elect Advisor” or that this will almost certainly continue to haunt him as the case against Blagojevich proceeds.

• How Rahm as head of the DCCC infuriated immigration rights advocates by haranguing congressional candidates to “move right” on immigration, pushed Heath Shuler into putting forward the enforcement-only SAVE Act and then strong armed freshmen into co-sponsoring it, or how it triggered a revolt of the Hispanic caucus on the House floor that he’s now trying to repair in the wake of Hispanic support for Obama in ‘08.

• Rahm’s predilection for giving unfortunate press conferences, including the one in 07 where he hailed the passage of the Supplemental as “the beginning of the end of the President’s policy in Iraq,” saying it “ends the blank check on more troops, more money and more of the same, and it begins the notion that we have to have a new direction to Iraq that has accountability” (see YouTube). …

• Republicans attribute their ability to hold formation against the stimulus bill to their universal hatred of Rahm, making him a strange choice for Chief of Staff in a White House that has committed itself to bipartisanship. Anybody ask how the President felt when Rahm held a press conference saying his commitment to bipartisanship was just for show, a huge mistake they’d never make again, and even though they’re still a few votes shy of 60 Democrats in the Senate henceforth the Republicans could all kiss his ass?


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