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  1. #1 Aussie Women "Foul Mouthed and Loud". 
    Many Aussie women lack manners and are 'foul-mouthed and loud'

    lIan Wallace
    April 22, 2009 12:00am

    GOOD manners can be the making of a modern woman, according to June Dally-Watkins.

    Unfortunately, modern women are ignoring the advice of this matriarch of Australian deportment.

    If the evidence screened on a recent popular reality television show is to be believed then certain young, modern, Australian women are not only completely lacking in good manners but they are also foul-mouthed, loud and uncultured.

    Tell us: Do you think Aussie women are rude?While the terms "yobette" and "ladette" have now passed into common usage, it's interesting to look at just how far the modern woman regardless of age, race, status or income has sunk in her attempt to "live in a man's world".

    Many Australian women are now socially inept, particularly when it comes to manners from the businesswoman who orders the hotel concierge to get them a cab "quick smart" to the moody shop assistant who rolls her eyes when asked for help and then turns to the next assistant and announces that she cannot wait to knock off.

    A Brisbane businessman recently revealed that, when he opened a door for two professional women exiting an office, he received no acknowledgement only to have a glass door slammed in his face after following them out. Many men are now becoming reluctant to open doors for women because they merely get "huffed" at and pushed aside.

    Women in the 40 to 60-year-old age bracket regard footpaths, aisles and malls as theirs alone. Put two or three of these women together and everyone must make way for them. In their world nothing comes between them and their conversation, certainly not manners or respect.

    Fewer men now stand up on buses and trains to offer a seat even to elderly women. I've heard of grannies accusing blokes of considering them "invalid" because they've been offered a seat.

    Being an "invisible" man is a common male complaint. This occurs when rude women just push in and stand in front of men in a queue.

    Unfortunately, it has become accepted that many modern women no longer care about politeness.
    I don't think this is confined to Australia. I've actually been kind of shocked at the way some college-educated 'professional' women talk now. They have to muster up this superhuman level of restraint to keep from cursing in ordinary conversation. I've also seen a lot more women shouting and cursing in public. You add that to the sloppy presentation and the indifferent rudeness and it's not a pretty picture.

    It's too bad.

    Courier Mail
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    It is a sign of the times where society is going down the crapper. In my opinion, you could have inserted other countries and men along with women in the mix.
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    Who cares about Aussie women?

    Aussie men, on the other hand....

    Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, various soap opera actors-I never understood, in "The Thorn Birds", how Meggie could choose wimpy, gay, Richard Chamberlein over the sheep-shearing, shirtless Bryan Brown, anyways.
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