Those shits at Disney World managed to buy their way out of the new Florida Law allowing firearms in cars at place of employment. I wonder what they gave the lawmakers in order to get the exemption?

The new law extempted Disney. They will never get a dime of mine.

Disney Thumbing Nose At The New Gun Law

We have received the following memo from numerous sources. It was sent out by Disney to Disney employees. Disney is a prime offender when it comes to firing employees for exercising Second Amendment rights. There has never been any intention to exempt any part of Disney from the new law. We thought you'd like to see such arrogance.

----- Original Message -----

From: WDW NewsRoom

To: #WDW X Corporate Executive Cast - Florida; #WDW X Walt Disney Parks

and Resorts Vice Presidents; #WDW X Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Directors; #WDW X Walt Disney Parks and Resorts General Managers

Sent: Fri Jun 27 XXXXXXX 2008

Subject: Florida's Guns-At-Work Legislation

Below is a memo regarding the Florida Guns-at-Work law,

effective July 1, 2008. Please share verbally with your teams, as


************************************************** ******************************************

To: Florida-site Executives Date: June 27, 2008

From: Shannon McAleavey,

Senior Vice President Public Affairs

Subject: Florida's Guns-at-Work Legislation

__________________________________________________ ___________________

On July 1, a new Florida law will go into effect that will allow

employees with a conceal-and-carry permit to have a weapon in their

vehicle at their place of employment. This law does not apply to Walt

Disney World Co. owned and leased properties due to an exemption
. This

includes all theme parks, resorts, theme park and resort parking lots,

Cast Member parking lots, administrative offices across the Walt Disney

World(r) Resort, Downtown Disney(r), Disney's Wide World of Sports

Complex, hotels on Hotel Plaza Boulevard, Celebration and the Disney

Reservation Centers (Orlando and Tampa).

However, the law will apply to property owned by Reedy Creek

Improvement District, Disney's Vero Beach Resort, the Disney Cruise Line

Crew Member parking lot, the La Quinta warehouse on Orange Blossom Trail

and Disney-owned liquidation stores off property. Because this is a

Florida law, it also does not apply to Disney's Hilton Head Island

Resort. Cast Members will continue to be prohibited from removing a

weapon from their vehicle while at work. All Cast Members must comply

with the gun policies in effect at the location they are visiting,

regardless of where they work. For example, Disney's Vero Beach Cast

Members must comply with the gun policies at a Walt Disney World Co.

theme park when visiting that location.

Walt Disney World Co. continues to maintain a zero tolerance

policy for guns and workplace violence. Possession of dangerous or

unauthorized materials such as explosives, firearms, ammunition, weapons

or other similar items on Walt Disney World Co. owned or leased property

is grounds for termination (as outlined in the Employee Policy Manual).

A lawsuit filed by the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Florida

Retail Federation to repeal the law is under review, and we are hopeful

it will be overturned by mid-July. We support the ongoing efforts of the

Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Retail Federation to

challenge the legislation. The safety of our Cast and Guests is our top


Please encourage your teams to practice safe behaviors at any

location. In an emergency, Cast Members should dial 911. If a gun is

seen or suspected to be at any location, Cast Members should immediately

contact their local Human Resources representative or Walt Disney World

Security at x1990 or 407-560-1990.

Thanks for your support in verbally sharing this information

with your teams. I will update you when a final ruling is made in the