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  1. #1 New photo: Nazis dig up mass grave of U.S. soldiers 
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    sabra (1000+ posts) Thu Apr-23-09 02:06 PM
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    New photo: Nazis dig up mass grave of U.S. soldiers
    Source: CNN

    ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- The photograph is a jarring image that shows Nazi Party members, shovels in hand, digging up graves of American soldiers held as slaves by Nazi Germany during World War II.

    While the men dig up the site, U.S. soldiers investigating war crimes stand over them. Two crosses with helmets placed atop them -- the sign of a fallen soldier -- are visible. Two Germans are knee deep in mud. Another, with a handlebar mustache, has the look of a defeated man. The bodies of 22 American soldiers were found in at least seven graves, according to the photographer.

    On the back of the photo is written, "Nazi Party members digging up American bodies at Berga."

    Berga an der Elster was a slave labor camp where 350 U.S. soldiers were beaten, starved, and forced to work in tunnels for the German government. The soldiers were singled out for "looking like Jews" or "sounding like Jews," or dubbed as undesirables, according to survivors. More than 100 soldiers perished at the camp or on a forced death march.

    It was on this day six decades ago, April 23, 1945, when most of the slave labor camp soldiers were liberated by advancing U.S. troops. The emaciated soldiers, many weighing just 80 pounds, had been forced by Nazi commanders to march more than 150 miles before their rescue.

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    5. Maybe FDRs' policies of bombing the civilian populations
    of Berlin and the atrocities of fire bombing Dresden put our GIs in peril. What would we have done in retaliation? Oh yeah, we nuked Japan for a few killed at Pearl harbor.

    Someone said that war is hell, and I think he was a General.
    Lets just paint some happy clouds over at the sunshine and lollipop land
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    4. and to think.. we arent much better than them in this regard.. Where are our war crimes inspectors?
    Yep, another sterling American citizen...
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    This is so unbelieveable. Is this just young people who never had the opportunity to speak with a WWII vet or a holocaust survivor? I have the opportunity to see high school history texts on occasion, and this is not what they are teaching.

    It must be the drugs.
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