WASHINGTON — Stars and Stripes asked readers for their thoughts on the Supreme Court’s firearms ruling, and the response was nearly unanimous:

"I think that it’s about time. After decades of doing nothing, that the Supreme Court finally decided to support the 2nd Amendment.

"I am working on a sign for my yard. It reads: ‘This property is protected by the 2nd Amendment and my friends Smith and Wesson.’ "
Chuck Burress,
Nendingen, Germany

"I think if a man has been in the Army then he should be able to have a gun in his name."
David Dillow Thomas,
Vietnam veteran

"I think the court ruling is correct — all law-abiding people should be able to keep and carry a firearm. It would be a deterrent for those non-professional thugs who think they can bully people around the U.S.

"When you see someone wearing a gun, you know not to mess with them and normally the people who wear a gun knows and respects the laws of the land. 99.9 percent of the military — active, prior and retired — know and respect the law. It should be a no-brainier for all that have served to openly carry as a sign of deterrence and respect."
Michael Solon, retired USAF


"Good decision, too long in coming. It is obvious those trusted with law enforcement cannot be everywhere to protect the average citizen so ownership of weapons for the defense of home and family seems too fundamental of a right to question.
"Hunting, target shooting and other legal firearm use should not be legislated out of existence."
Steve Wilson, Kunsan

"I am not against reasonable laws about guns. I don’t feel anyone needs automatic weapons for example. Convicted felons, people with a history of mental problems, and some others ought not to be able to keep and bear arms.
"The problem with many restrictions and outright bans is that the far left keeps pushing them in small steps on the road to an absolute ban on privately owned guns."
Bill Ramm, retired USAF


"Almost all of violent crimes where a firearm is used, the weapon is stolen. So by trying to change the Constitution, taking away our guns will be a outright shame.
"To paraphrase a NRA saying, when guns are outlaws only outlaws will have guns."
David and Lori Nimmons

"What’s sad about the ruling is that FOUR justices voted against Heller in his ‘individual right’ argument, meaning that ‘the people’ mean something different when liberals look at gun laws than they do any other time.
"Sad — really sad."