Neal Boortz tears it up.

By Neal Boortz @ April 24, 2009 8:35 AM Permalink | Comments (34) | TrackBacks (0)
Do you remember Henrietta? She's the leach that went to an Obama rally back in February and asked Obama for a house. Apparently she and her son were homeless because he lost his job and she couldn't find one. Hearing her request, the wife of a Republican representative in Florida gave Henrietta a home to live in temporarily. She had to pay minimal rent.

But guess what? Henrietta is still "struggling" to find a job and she might soon lose the home that she was given. Here's Henrietta's first mistake ... the article says that she "faithfully goes to an employment center in Fort Myers in hopes of finding a job." Hey, Henrietta. Newsflash - you can try more than just showing up at a government agency and hoping that the government gets you a job.

So now Henrietta is worried that she is going to lose the home that was given to her. Why? Because the woman who owns the home is actually trying to sell it. Once the House sells, Henrietta has to hit the road. But the wife of this Florida lawmaker says that she will do anything in her power to make sure that Henrietta doesn't end up homeless again.

Henrietta is a mooch. She will continue mooching until she absolutely, as a last resort, has to do something on her own to survive. Henrietta is the very face of the new Democrat voter and Obama supporter. And what's the story on her worthless son?